Maja is a uniquely gifted therapist and I thoroughly recommend her!

She is an experienced and highly trained acupuncturist who uses her natural skills and finely tuned intuition to work on healing your body. She provides expert advice on what natural remedies would help in that healing process.

Maja is adept at drawing out, through her gentle questioning, a range of issues that may need to be addressed in a holistic manner.

I came to Maja for facial acupuncture and have learnt that I need to treat my overloaded liver and emotional suppression issues! Maja has a lovely manner which makes you feel calm and relaxed. I am so grateful that I came across her as I already feel that I am on the road to better health.


Maja is not only a skilful acupuncturist, she is also an intuitive and sensitive practitioner who responds confidently to what you need in the moment. She listens to how you feel and works in partnership with you throughout the process.


Maja came recommended to me by close family member. For almost a year I had severe arm and shoulder pain losing use of these limbs, caused by lump size of an egg on my back shoulder blade. I had no quality of life; my GP dismissed me saying it’s just a lipoma (fat lump) and NHS’s policy is doing nothing.

I was desperate, tearful and in excruciating pain, when I approached Maja for an appointment. After the first treatment, I had regained use of arm, and pain faded away after a month. 6 appointments later the lump is size of 2 pence piece and getting smaller after each treatment.

I find Maja to have healing and gentle hands. Her bed side manner is reassuring and comforting. I would truly be lost without her treatment. I have also referred my husband to her.


I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Maja for almost a year, to deal with the after effects of a virus and a chronic bladder condition. 
I have found Maja to be a highly skilled, experienced and compassionate practitioner. She listens with great care and empathy to every mental and physical problem, large or small, that I am facing, and approaches the treatment with great sensitivity. I always leave sessions with Maja feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and hopeful. She is playing a very important role in my journey towards better health, also offering excellent dietary and supplement advice, as well as valuable wisdom on emotional balance. I would highly recommend Maja to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment in London.